Four women in the slums of Amsterdam

Journée internationale des travailleurs

Unknown european street

Hamburg’s street kids

Coachman in Amsterdam

Woman in an unknown european village

Light in the alley

Young girl carrying her basket

Kids in the street

Alley on a wet day

Coal mine in Saint-Etienne

18th april 1906

The sword dancer

Two kids in holiday dress

Carrying New Year’s presents

The lily vendor

Chinatown’s merchant

The organ grinder

Children of Olaf Fugelberg playing in front of their home

Waiting room at the Greyhound bus terminal

Brussels Grand Place

Port of Antwerp

Dancer on the beach

Miss Johnston

Smiling baby

French anarchist Henri Birilay

Boy in cornfield

Boy in squatter camp

Cleaver boy

Children on the road

President of the Southern Tenant Farmer’s Union

Lighthearted kids

Migrant child

Young migrant mother

Director of the Mineral King Farm Association

Laborer cutting celery